Towny Reset

[Owner] BlackBeltPanda a posted Feb 17, 15

Update: Towny has been reset. You may resume playing normally. =)

Some of you may remember the brief hard drive failure we had shortly after launching Towny.

This failure caused several chunks to become corrupted. I regenerated the chunks but the problem was not fixed. I've since discovered several more chunks that were corrupted. Even worse, I've also discovered corrupted chunks that, when entered, WILL crash the server.

Because of this, I have to reset the Towny server's world. Only the world will be reset, however; inventories, enderchests, experience, set homes, and any other player-specific data should be saved. Town claims will, of course, be reset, as well. I tried to regenerate the corrupted chunks but it hasn't stopped them from crashing the server.

The Towny server will be reset 05/29/15 at 10:00 PM EST (UTC-4:00). Please log in to Towny and place any items you'd like to save in your inventories or enderchests. If the server crashes due to players entering corrupted chunks, those players will be prevented from entering the server again until the server is reset. This isn't a punishment but merely a preventative measure to ensure the crashing doesn't hinder other players' saving their items.

I've setup scheduled broadcasts on Skyblock as well as both chat and title messages on Towny login to display a summarized version of the above information to ensure as many players have access to this knowledge as possible. If you know someone who plays on PandaCraft and has items on Towny, please make sure they know about this reset. Any players who don't save their items before the reset will lose those items permanently.

Until the reset, VIP+ players can mine spawners with a silk-touch enchanted diamond pickaxe.
For extra inventory space, you can use backpacks. "/npack recipe" for the recipes.