When we restarted Skyblock I had priced the shop items based off a popular spreadsheet tool. This proved to be a very bad idea as the shop was full of exploits due to bad formulas in the spreadsheet.

I re-priced all the items in the shops and they should not only be much more stable, you'll find the sell prices are much closer to the buy prices. This means you won't lose nearly as much if you accidentally buy something or decide to sell something back after buying it. Prices also take into account drop chances from the sieve system. =)

Because of the mass amount of exploiting (no, it wasn't just a few players), I've decided to reset everyone's balance. There's no good way to tell who was exploiting the shop and who was making their money legitimately so I decided it would be fair if everyone started from scratch.

VIP+ will receive their proper balances from their rank benefits. Everyone else will start with a default amount of 200 yen.

The entire balance system has been converted to an item-backed system. This means physical items are now currency. The currencies are: Dead bush: 1 yen, gold nugget: 10 yen, iron ingot: 90 yen, diamond: 360 yen, and emerald block: 3240 yen.

You can store your money in a vault by placing down a chest and putting a sign on it with "[Vault]" written on the first line. You can deposit money to your vault with the command, "/money deposit <amount>" and withdraw money from your vault with the command, "/money withdraw <amount>". You can see your total balance (vault + inventory) with the command, "/money".

Buying and selling to the store will automatically use the money in your Vault. This means you don't have to keep your money in your inventory.

You can also store money in your Enderchest and it will show up in your balance. Money in your Enderchest can be used when buying from the shop, but it may place all the money in your inventory afterwards.

Some frequently asked questions:

  1. Why can't I sell gold nuggets/iron ingots/diamonds/emerald blocks to the shop?
    Because they are your money. Selling your money makes no sense because you'd just get it back. =P
  2. Am I allowed to mine the emerald/diamond/gold blocks on my island for money?
    Of course! They're your blocks and your money. =)
  3. I can't deposit money into my vault! Why?
    You may need to place some money in your vault manually, first. Then the commands should work.
  4. Why'd you reset everyone's balance? That's not fair!
    I reset everyone's balance because a huge amount of players were exploiting the shop. There were too many to investigate and I have no good way to tell who was making money legitimately and who was exploiting the shop. The fairest thing I could do was reset everyone's balance.

Thanks for understanding and being a part of PandaCraft! Now go throw nuggets at each other! =D