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If you already have an account on the TS3 server then connect & input this key in Permissions > Use Privilege Key.
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Today the file containing all the regions was corrupted. This caused all region protection to essentially be non-existent. I've fixed the problem by writing some code to automatically re-create your island region when you log in. If you experience any protection or permission issues, try running the command "/protect". If that doesn't help, contact a mod.

Several players discovered the fact that protection was down and quickly exploited it, griefing/raiding other players' islands. If your island was griefed or you had items stolen, please create a report in the "Report abuse/hackers" thread in the forums. Please leave coordinates to whatever was griefed and, if possible, screenshots.

All of the players who griefed spawn or my island have been permanently banned. Don't bother submitting a ban appeal; it won't be accepted. What these players failed to realize is that every action, from placing/breaking blocks, to removing/adding items to/from a chest, and even what items were clicked or what mobs were killed is logged and can be accessed by any staff member within seconds. So yes, I can see when a player removes diamond blocks, emerald blocks, spawn eggs, horse armor, etc. from my chests, when it happened, how much was removed, etc.. These commands can be used to investigate the griefing on any players island, so again, if you were griefed today, please report it in the forums.

I've also updated the Creative server. You can now access it again and should be able to use 1.8 blocks.

I'm working towards adding some new and fun donator features to the servers. I'll update again once they're in-place.

Lastly, quick update on the Skyblock plugin: I'm still working on writing a new one to replace the buggy one we're currently using. There are several Skyblock plugins available for public use, but none of them have the core features I want. Continuing to develop my own is still the best option, as it allows me to create a plugin custom-tailored to the PandaCraft server. Unlike the public plugins, we won't have any unused/unnecessary code running that just slows the server down. It also means that everything will work together smoothly so there will be a lot less (no?) bugs. Any bugs that are discovered can be quickly fixed, as I'll have access to the plugin's code directly. Best part (for you guys): I can add features that you've requested or that I've wanted that other plugin developers either couldn't figure out or didn't think of. Features like:
  • Co-op play on multiple islands (own your own and play on a friend's)
  • A better system for choosing your start island. More options, economy integration, GUI, etc.
  • Per-island challenges, so you can work with friends to complete all the challenges.
  • Nether/end world integration so each world has its own challenges (and maybe islands).
  • Multiple skyworlds for different island sizes. Integration will be seamless and donators will have access to larger islands.
  • More control over your island. Choose what island members can/can't do, as well as what non-members can/can't do.
  • No bedrock block. I honestly don't understand why any Skyblock plugin would require a bedrock block. Just feels like a lazy workaround on the developer's end, to me.
  • And much more!
Progress, however, is a bit slow due to the complexity of the plugin and the amount of time I have to work on it. Currently, I'd say I'm maybe 10% done with it. The 10% I've finished so far is probably the toughest part, though, so development may speed up. =)
Darkclaw360 BBP is there a way for us to apply for staff like helper or mod or just staff in general?
[Shogun] TinkerNitely Thanks for all your hard work bbp, it's what makes our servers so awesome. As Glam says, looking forward to all of the e ...
shraavan97 Even though you said that you would perm. ban any griefer, thank you for unbanning me due to the lag and me not knowing ...
All servers except Creative are now running on 1.8. You will only be able to connect to PandaCraft with 1.8. Most of the 1.8 blocks/features are available, including mobs, but the following have yet to be added:
1.8 mob AI
Structures (Prismarine temples)
Potion recipes
Slime blocks moving other blocks.

I'll start adding the 1.8 blocks to the shops in Skyblock and Towny soon. 

I've also:
  • Fixed /tpahere
  • Fixed /kickplayers
  • Removed PandaCraft from unlisted voting sites
  • Updated PandaCraft's entries on the voting sites
  • Removed some outdated code
  • Added a Top Voter tag to the website
  • Added a Top Voter award to the website
  • Fixed players spawning on the roof in Skyblock
  • Fixed "/stuck" command in Skyblock
  • Hopefully fixed new islands being unprotected
[Genin] xXBakerCatXx yah and maybe we could have another server an ip that says and it would be a modded pandacraft ...
nguyen_97 PvP styled Seperate server?
lowed1 x Maybe Skywars to that would be cool ...

I've updated the Skyblock and Lobby servers so you can connect to them with 1.8. This is just a compatibility update, so server-side features like the new blocks or mobs are unavailable. Client-side features like the new tablist or skins should work, however. =)

This update changed a lot of things and some plugins no longer functioned properly. I've had to tweak a few things to get them to work. Unfortunately, because the tablist has changed so much, I had to remove the tablist plugin I wrote a while back that organized the tablist into staff/players. I'll update the plugin as soon as I have a decent tablist API to work with.

I'll start working on updating the Towny, Prison, and Creative servers to 1.8 over the next few days. I'll update this post as I get the servers updated.

If you discover anything that's broken, please report it. You have several reporting options: The ticket system at the top of the website, the in-game ticket system (/ticket new), the forums, you can PM me on the website, send me /mail in-game, or comment on this post. If it's an exploit, please use the ticket system or PM me and don't share the information with other players.
[VIP] wolfyman1o1 That happened to me too
[Genin] DoX_v3 Will you be updating the prison server?
[Jonin] Leekle I found a slight error that isn't a big deal, but is still an error: If you try to connect to a non-1.8 server, it'll sa ...

To reward players for their dedication to PandaCraft, I've added a few ranks that can be earned simply by being a member of the server for a certain period of time. The ranks are:

Visitor - Earned after 30 days
Regular - Earned after 60 days
Committed - Earned after 90 days
Veteran - Earned after 120 days

The perks of the ranks are:

Visitor - /kit visitor, /back, /dis pig (disguise as pig)
Regular - /kit regular, /back (on death), /dis sheep/cow
Committed - /kit committed, /top, /dis wolf/chicken
Veteran - /kit veteran, /jump, /dis ocelot/mushroomcow

As with any rank, you can choose your title with "/title".
[Shogun] Afaltoxin I want the title knachou Captain
[Shogun] Afaltoxin its /back when you die not after tp
Sambon00 Hi panda, I am visitor but I don't have acces to /back can you please do something about that?
  • Fixed /theend for Skylords
  • Fixed /killmobs. It no longer prevents mobs from damaging players on their island.
  • Added a new, smarter mob limiter.
    • The mob limits, per-island, are:
      • 32 villagers
      • 20 cows
      • 16 mooshrooms
      • 16 chickens
      • 12 pigs
      • 4 of each color sheep
      • 8 each of everything else
    • The mob limiter will run every 5 minutes and remove any extras to give players time to breed mobs for resources. Baby mobs will be automatically converted to adult mobs when the mob limiter runs so it doesn't break any breeding/harvesting machines.
Update: To help decrease lag, I've added an alternative to redstone clocks. If you're using clocks on your island, please switch to this new system. Place a sign on a block. On the second line, write "[MC1421]". On the third line write the time you want the clock to run for in seconds*10. 1 second = 10, 4 seconds = 40, 10 seconds = 100, etc. Place a lever on the back. The lever will turn on/off for however long you specified on the third line. You can place a lever in front of the sign to toggle the clock on/off. There's an example in Skyblock at "/warp clock". Here's a picture:

I've also limited auto-placers and auto-miners to 10 each per-island. Some players have created massive inefficient farms and it's getting to the point where the server's barely running. You may have to remove extras if you want a specific 10 to operate, otherwise it can be pretty random.
coldmountaindew well if i ever get unbanned and u still need help i can come see i have helped many others already with the new clock
[Shogun] Afaltoxin these dint work on my island for some reason when i use them they loag the server out! and my island is also lag ...
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