Introducing a brand new store item, "Build your own rank"!

  • You can now pick from a list of donator benefits exactly which ones you'd like to receive and only pay for them!
  • If you've had your eye on a certain rank because of one or two benefits but haven't been able to justify the cost, this is the way to go!
  • You can choose any of the benefits even if you already have a donator rank.
  • Every person who purchases a benefit from the "Build your own rank" page will receive access to the donator title. Enable it with "/title donator".

In other news, in an effort to constantly improve the server's performance to allow as many players on lag-free at a time as possible, I have the following tips that you can take advantage of to help reduce server lag:

  • When using hoppers as hopper clocks, place a furnace above each hopper instead of a normal block. This prevents the hopper from checking if there's items above it all the time since it knows there's a furnace there.
  • When using hoppers to transport items, consider replacing them with pipes. This is especially helpful for the server if you're also using droppers to transport items.
  • 1-tick clocks and burnout clocks are no longer allowed. In the case of a 1-tick comparator clock, please place a repeater in front to slow the signal down. In the case of burnout clocks, please replace them with either the compartor clock + repeater or a hopper clock + furnaces.
  • Have a mob grinder? Consider either placing it far above the rest of your island so it's not running unless you're using it. Alternatively, consider using redstone lamps inside the grinder as an on/off switch so you can turn the grinder off when you're not using it. This not only cuts down on the number of mobs on the server, it also ensures other players have mobs in their grinders when they're using them as Minecraft limits the total number of hostile mobs on the server.

Lastly, I've added a new trading system that should allow players to safely trade with each other. This applies to items only. To use it, initiate a trade with a player with "/trade <player>" or accept a player's trade. Once the trade is accepted, a GUI will pop up with two sides. You'll be able to place items from your inventory into your side of the GUI (shift-clicking is disabled in trades). After you've placed the item(s) you want to trade, click the green wool to confirm. If at any time you decided to cancel the trade, click the red wool. Once both players have confirmed the trade, a 5 second countdown will begin. You can see the progress of the countdown in the middle of the GUI. Either player can cancel during the countdown and both players will receive their items back. If neither player cancels, the items are traded at the end of the countdown.