Hey Pandalings!

Lately I've been working on providing more content for the PandaCraft Store and ranks. Here's some of the latest additions to the store:

  • Builder Kits: Themed kits that add extra building blocks to your daily "/kit".
  • Limited time Autumn and Halloween builder kits! Only available for purchase for a short period of time but you can use them forever after you purchase them!
  • Case Keys on Skyblock: The PandaCraft Collection case has been added to Skyblock. These keys can be used to open the cases.
  • Costume Case Keys: Used to open the new Costume Case which features different "morph potions" to transform you into a mob for 30 minutes, as well as a miner's helmet that gives you night vision and a ninja hood that gives you invisibility.
  • Monster Spawners on Skyblock: You can place these spawners on your island and change what mob they spawn for a small fee. VIP+ ranks have access to extra mobs.
  • Schematics: One-time placeable pre-built structures.

You can access the PandaCraft Store here: store.pandacraft.org

Here's some things I've added to rank benefits:

  • MCMMO Activation Boosts: Extra time added to your MCMMO skill activations.
  • MCMMO Cooldown Boosts: Reduced cooldown times for MCMMO skill activations.
  • MCMMO Experience Boosts: Increased MCMMO experience earned.
  • MCMMO Lucky Boosts for Jonin+: 33.3% increased chance of skill luck, such as double drops, for all skills.
  • Colored names in tablist and above your head.
  • "/ptime" for Daimyo+ to change their time of day. Won't affect the server or mob spawning.

You can see all of the rank benefits here: bit.ly/1jbFXLz

Update: Skyblock has been updated and the following features have been added:

  • Ban command - to get those pesky ppl off the island (`/is ban <player>`)
  • Trust command - to get your friends to help, without leaving their own island (`/is trust <player>`)
  • Island Talk - So you can communicate with players on your island (`/it <message>`)
  • Party Talk - So you can communicate with your party ('/ptk <message>')
  • Much better safe-location detection of all teleports.
  • Performance improvements on player-login
  • Confirmation on /is restart and /is leave
  • Translations - Currently Danish, Dutch, and russian. Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Pirate coming soon.
  • Improved Challenges menu
  • Favor online players in tab-completion
  • Fixed some blocks not counting towards island level
  • Messages when players warp to your island
  • Teleport to spawn on island kick or leave
  • Better abandoned island handling and purging

More updates! =D

  • Skyblock challenges are now per-island instead of per-player, meaning they're totally cooperative now.
  • Skyblock shops have been updated. They're now much simpler to use and the available items have been optimized to encourage player shops, auctions, and trading without sacrificing items not normally obtainable. There's an icon in the bottom right of each shop you can use to access the sell page; just drop your items in there and click "Sell Items", "Back" or close the screen to sell them. The diamond at the top will show you the worth of all the items you've added to the sell screen when you hover over it. If you change your mind about selling an item, just remove it from the sell screen before closing it. VIP+ players can now use "/shop" again.
  • Player shops have been updated. The new system is easier to setup and allows you to have actual shops again instead of a single chest.
  • All players have access to "/recipe <item>" now to view the recipe for an item.
  • Kits are now accessible through a GUI using "/kit". You can preview kits by right clicking them. You can get the kit by left clicking it. Hovering over a kit shows you how much time is left before you can get it again. You can preview kits you don't have.
  • Added a Point Shop! You can spend the points you earn in-game on awesome cosmetic items and furniture!

123153123 I say there should be custom enchants and occasional pvp tournys... I say the custom enchants should start when there is ...
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