Towny Beta Testing!

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BlackBeltPanda @ Towny
posted Feb 17, 15

Towny is now in Early Access for Donators. Non-donators will have access to Towny on Monday, May 4th.

Starting today and ending Friday, May 1st, Towny will be in closed Beta Testing. Access will be restricted to donators during this period. When beta testing ends, the server will be reset and donators will have early access to the server from Saturday, May 2nd, to Sunday, May 3rd. Starting Monday, May 4th, Towny will be open to the general public!

If you'd like to participate in the beta test or have early access to Towny then be sure to donate at!

Tutorials for Towny can be accessed in the Tutorials page at

Towny will be featuring a much more advanced economy system, several custom features like bridges, gates, etc., smarter mob AI, better visual effects, and much more!

Features will be tweaked, added, and possibly removed during the beta testing period as issues are discovered. If you're participating in the beta test, please report any bugs in the forums so I can fix them.

The Towny market prices are based on the number of items in stock. The prices will fluctuate as items are bought/sold. The market will be pre-stocked for beta testing, but will have it's stock removed for early access onward. This means that starting with early access, items will have to be sold to the market before they can be bought. =P

To access Towny, either type "/towny" in-game or directly connect to "".

To get back to skyblock, either type "/skyblock" in-game or directly connect to "".