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(The Winners Islands will be replacing Ranked Starter Islands. We will announce later which one replaces which Starter!)






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Submission deadline: July 27th

Contest submissions will be judged by an unbiased third party based on the following criteria:

  • Adherance to the rules listed above
  • Usability as an Island Schematic
  • Creativity and general appeal
  • Playability as a starter island


3 lucky winners will each get:

  • $10.00 PandaCraft Store Coupon
  • The island you create will be used as one of our Rank Benifit Islands and will have YOUR name in the Island Selection Menu description!

To enter, simply reply with the coordinates to your build. Limit 1 entry per island and per player. No extra entries via alt accounts. Builds must be original (not copied) or they will be disqualified. Multiple players can work on the same entry but only 3 can be credited due to character limitations.

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