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31 Aug 2016, 23:23

September 50% Off Sale!

September sale is on! Grab these items at 50% off before the sale ends September 7th!


  • Added MCMMO Boosters to the store. Each pack contains 5 boosters.
  • Grappling Hooks are much more stable, now.
  • You should no longer be able to accidentally place keys.
  • Fixed spawner delays and counts.
  • We have a new Auction plugin that cuts down on chat spam.
  • Auctions are now available on Adventure.
  • You can now vote offline and receive your rewards when you login using "/vr claim rewards".
  • If your inventory is full when you vote, your rewards will be saved and you can claim them with "/vr claim rewards".
  • You can now claim rewards on both Skyblock and Adventure when you vote.
  • Looking up custom item recipes in Skyblock is much easier, you can now use "/recipe ", such as "/recipe miner" or "/recipe compostbin".
  • Collectors should no longer delete items when they're full.
  • Several updates to the website.

New Store Items!

  • Backpack Case - Featuring several different sizes of backpacks to store your items on-the-go! Also features the new Braced Leggings to prevent fall damage and Boosted Leggings to give you the ability to double-jump!
  • Emotes - Wear animated emotes on your head!
  • Furniture - Several new furniture packs:
    • Lounge Pack - Decorate your dining room, living room, or lounge in style!
    • Store Pack - Perfect for sprucing up your stores and restaraunts.
    • Backyard Pack - Everything you need for a nice backyard, including a dog house!
    • Bedroom Pack - Features some really nice looking bedroom furniture, including a nightstand that can store some items.
    • Office Pack - A few items to decorate your office or room with. Has a very detailed computer desk!
    • Bathroom Pack - Make your bathrooms much more realistic; even an in-floor tub!

August sale is here! This month's sale ends August 10th and features 50% off the following: