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The new sale is on! To celebrate Valentine's Day, all ranks, kits, and keys are 50% off until February 15th!
Save some money and grab a rank, upgrade, kit, or key before the sale ends! =D

Skyblock has had some updates. Here's what's new:

  • SkyGrid can now be selected as an island when you restart
  • Shops are accessed with "/shop" now, allowing you to buy and sell anywhere
  • New (less confusing) spawn
  • New "Restart Island" icon in the "/is" menu
  • Restaring your island through the "/is" menu opens an island selection menu
  • You can specify an island to start with in the "/is restart" command like so: "/is restart ". Example: "/is restart tokubetsu"
  • "/is create" will claim the spot you're in or looking at if possible
  • Lots of performance improvements
  • Improved display-names for challenges and entities
  • Changing island biomes works better but takes a bit longer
  • Added new challenges
  • Challenge pages are now easier to navigate using navigation icons at the bottom of the challenge menu
  • Left-clicking a chest with a sapling will open the island menu
  • Left-clicking a workbench with a sapling will open the challenge menu
  • Left-clicking a block required by a challenge will attempt to complete the challenge
  • Nether scaling is now 1:1, meaning every block travelled in the nether is one block in the skyblock world
  • VIP+ players will now have bonuses to their monster, animal, and villager limits
  • VIP+ bonuses to party limit, challenge reward bonus, and hunger loss bonus have been tweaked. See here for more info:

In case you haven't heard (or seen the big logo on our front page), our Discord server is now partnered with Discord! This means all of our voice servers are faster and the audio quality is much higher!
We also have a cool custom invite screen and at some point in the future, we'll start receiving awesome Discord swag to give away! =D

Feel free to invite your friends to our Discord server even if they don't play on PandaCraft; you can talk to them in General chat. Also, if you use Skype or Teamspeak on PandaCraft, please consider supporting us by switching over to our Discord server! Here's an invite link you can send to anyone:

In other news, I'm working on figuring out a better way to handle Pipes in skyblock since the system we have now is a bit buggy. Until then, here's some tips to help you get your automated systems running better:

  • If you're connecting a pipe to multiple outputs, branch your pipe off before-hand and connect each branch to an output
  • Try not to use more than 3 outputs per-pipe as the rest may not receive items
  • When turning a pipe, try to make sure it's not touching a block (especially cobblestone) as it may consider that block an output
  • If you're connecting a pipe to a furnace, connect it to a chest above a hopper and then place your furnace under, or in front of, the hopper; pipes don't know which furnace slot is which
  • Pipes don't distribute items equally among each output; instead they distribute items randomly
  • If possible, output to a chest above a hopper before filling a machine, dispenser, dropper, etc. This way the hopper handles the final step and you may avoid issues with the pipe

Lastly, I have a few more major things to do before I can start work on a prison server. Namely, I want to setup automatic daily backups to Amazon's AWS service, clean up junk files and old logs on the server, setup a regular task to delete old logs automatically, reduce the memory consumption of each server, and start automatically purging old skyblock islands below a certain island level. Once these are done, we should have enough server space and resources to create one more minecraft server which, of course, will be an awesome prison server. =)

03 Feb 2016, 00:11 1 | 80

Note: The Giveaway has ended and the winners have been selected! Congratulations to the following winners of January 2016's Sponsored Giveaway:

  • Zzyzzyzzx
  • LilyMc101
  • mpeli
  • xXBakerCatXx
  • CesarDaMastah

If you've won, be sure to check your mail in Skyblock with "/mail read"; you'll find your $50 coupon code there!
Thanks again to all of our Sponsor rank holders and LDNetwork for supporting the Sponsored Giveaway!

The new Sponsored Giveaway is up and running! For the next week, you'll be able to enter in the giveaway by completing various actions available in the giveaway module. If you complete all of them, you can earn a daily bonus entry! =D
Thanks to the gracious support of all of our Sponsor Rank players and LDNetwork, the Sponsored Giveaway prize this time is a $50 coupon for the PandaCraft Store! There will be 5 winners total drawn at the end of the giveaway.

 Enter Competition

In other news, I've made some updates to the server and website recently. Here's a breakdown:

Skyblock Changes:

  • Hoppers are now 3x slower but transfer 3x as many items at once. This change has been made to reduce the (large) amount of hopper lage we were getting. Please adjust any machines that rely on hopper timing accordingly.
  • Instead of a per-animal limit, there's now a limit of 100 animals of any type per-island.
  • The monster limit has been raised to 100 monsters per-island.
  • The villager limit has been raised to 16 villagers per-island. The previous limit was a typo and it wasn't meant to be set so low.
  • Some crops will now grow faster.
  • Removed a setting that may have been causing tile entities such as hoppers, furnaces, etc. to break.
  • Mob heads/skulls are now worth 0 points towards island levels in Skyblock. Because they are tile entities, they cause more work for the server so players placing massive amounts of them has caused the server to lag over the last week. I will be implementing an automatic limiter for mob heads similar to the one used for hoppers.
  • Added diminishing returns to all blocks towards island levels in Skyblock to discourage spamming specific block types in islands in order to raise island levels.
  • First time placement of crucial items, like a bed or furnace, will add a lot more points towards your island level in Skyblock now.
  • Sorter hoppers in Skyblock should work properly now. You'll have to craft new ones to replace the old ones.

Other Changes:

  • Added jobs to Towny. Select a job in the GUI with the command, "/jobs join".
  • Sneak-right-clicking a chest will no longer sort that chest. Useful if you're looking in another player's chest and don't want to auto-sort it.
  • The Twitch skull in the Hub has been replaced with a Discord skull.
  • Optimized lighting and blocks in the Hub to help reduce client-side/FPS lag.
  • Nether and End resets have been fixed. The Nether should reset once every two weeks and The End should reset once every 2 days.
  • Converted the old "/title" system to a new Tags system with a GUI. Access it with "/tags".
  • Added an alias so "/title" will make you run "/tags".
  • It should no longer be possible to use "/fix" and "/enchant" with stacked items.

Website Changes:

  • Hovering over the alerts icon now opens a drop-down box displaying all your alerts.
  • Users will now receive an "Application accepted" or "Application denied" message when their staff application is accepted or denied.
  • Fixed an issue with resetting passwords.

23 Jan 2016, 21:41 1 | 220

TODAY ONLY! All ranks are 60% off! After today, they will be 50% off for the rest of the month!

Want to get a fellow PandaCraft player something awesome for Christmas? Just type their name into the store and whatever you buy will be sent to them! If you're already logged into the store, just click the power-button icon in the top-left of the page, just under the PandaCraft navigation menu, and you'll be logged out. Then you can enter the username of your friend instead when you browse the store. Any rank they already have will be deducted from the price of a higher rank so you won't have to pay extra! Keys are also a great gift! =D


17 Dec 2015, 18:53 1 | 427

Many players noticed the downtime we had yesterday and today. Basically, we migrated the domain to a new DNS host.

When our Advanced plan on Enjin ran out, rather than downgrading the site to the free version it was dropped completely with only the option to extend the Advanced plan or upgrade to the Ultimate plan. At that point we were only using Enjin to point the domain to the server and I set up a simple redirect script to send users to our new website. With the site dropped, the script no longer functioned and users were taken to an "Inactive website" page over at Enjin.

To fix this, I migrated the domain to CloudFlare and reconfigured the records to point to the server and website again. Unfortunately, a DNS migration like that can take 24-48 hours to propogate to everyone and that's why different players couldn't connect at different times. It should be fully propogated at this point and everyone should be able to connect to the website and the server.

I spent all of today working on the website's e-mail system to try to prevent activation e-mails from hitting users' spam folders or not being sent at all. It was a huge pain in the butt setting up the A, MX, SPF, DMarc, and DKIM records, configuring the hostname, hosts, and Postfix to make sure all outgoing e-mails were authorized and validated but I think it paid off. There's still a chance some people will find their activation e-mails in their spam folders until I can get the PTR record setup but I think it's stable at this point.

I also applied a few updates to the site. These updates fix issues with having multiple friends, improperly formatted emails, server status querying, links not activating in the navbar, and errors when creating a new forum topic. The updates also add the following features:

  • Change your password in your UserCP
  • Use Gravatar avatars
  • Forum Breadcrumbs
  • Forum Search
  • Online Forum Users
  • Topic Labels in main Forum page

I have a huge list of things I want to do for the server so I'll throw my current top priorities at you so you know what's coming:

  • Better TownyMenu plugin - More options, only see what you have permission for, create a town/nation if you don't already have one, add friends, setup prices/taxes, etc.
  • Token Shop - Will replace the old Point Shop. Accessible like any other shop through either a shopkeeper NPC or with "/shop".
  • Working Elevators and Gates
  • Backpacks
  • Tokens for beating bosses in the Mob Arena
  • And eventually, Prison.

07 Dec 2015, 10:52 2 | 693

Towny is now live!

To retrive the items you stored in your PandaSafes, just right-click an enderchest (there's two at spawn) and remove your items. You can then store them in your chests or enderchests. To access your enderchests, use "/echest" for now. On December 4th, the PandaSafes will be removed and you'll be able to access your enderchests normally again. Please remove your items before then.

What's new?

Brand new terrain! The new Towny world features custom biomes full of awesome terrain, structures, and loot! There's tons to explore and plenty of scenic places to start your town.

TheUnderground Reset! TheUnderground mining world has been reset and features two brand new biomes; a lava lake and obsidian plains. There's a portal at spawn you can use to access the mining world and you can also build your own portal in your town. Keep in mind PvP is enabled in TheUnderground!

Mob Arena! The Mob Arena has been added to Towny and has been totally revamped! New waves, monsters, and bosses with new abilities, custom names, and loot! The classes have been recreated and are now automatically upgraded as you play. You'll come across supply waves where the monsters drop helpful items such as food or health potions. You'll also find the bosses are much more balanced with new abilities, customized health, and even name tags above their heads. Don't forget to check those chests scattered about; some contains amazing loot but require a bit of effort to retrieve.

War! Weekend war is now enabled. Every Friday night War is toggled on and every Sunday night War is toggled off. Towns not in a nation and nations that pay the neutrality fee are exempt from war. While war is in effect, each competing town has a health points property attached to it. A townblock loses HP by enemy-nation residents standing within the townblock. When a townblock has lost all HP and fallen the town which the attacker belongs to gains one townblock and point to their War Score. A Town can be knocked out of a war when their Home Block falls or if their Mayor is killed. A Nation can be knocked out of a war if its capital city is knocked out of the war, or if the King is killed. Towny war ends when there is only one nation who's Home Block has not been conquered or when war is toggled off on Sunday night. Although the townblocks are restored at the end of war, the damage from any griefing is permanent. The accumulated money from gameplay and war, kept in a super-secret war-chest, along with a bonus amount will be split among the victorious towns/nations at the end of war.

Flag War! Flag war is always enabled. It's a way to compete against enemy nations at any time. Here's how:​

Don't forget you now have to claim land to build on it. Starting a town costs ¥500, which is the amount you start with. You also start with some basic tools and customized leather armor to help you out in TheUnderground so you can collect resources to get started with your town. If you need money, head to TheUnderground!

Lastly, each night has a small chance of triggering a Bloodmoon. During a Bloodmoon, monsters are tougher, more prominent, and won't go away until at least a little over a dozen are killed.

Enjoy Towny! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, bug reports, concerns, etc., please post them in the forums! =D

28 Nov 2015, 22:38 3 | 749