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Account unsynced - Une one of the following options to sync your site account with your TS3 account:
Option 1 - Click Connect
Connect to Server
Option 2 - Use Privilege Key
If you already have an account on the TS3 server then connect & input this key in Permissions > Use Privilege Key.
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Today's Record: 55 players (7 hours ago)
Weekly Record: 64 players (Mon at 0:00)
Monthly Record: 64 players (Mon at 0:00)
  • Fixed /theend for Skylords
  • Fixed /killmobs. It no longer prevents mobs from damaging players on their island.
  • Added a new, smarter mob limiter.
    • The mob limits, per-island, are:
      • 32 villagers
      • 20 cows
      • 16 mooshrooms
      • 16 chickens
      • 12 pigs
      • 4 of each color sheep
      • 8 each of everything else
    • The mob limiter will run every 5 minutes and remove any extras to give players time to breed mobs for resources. Baby mobs will be automatically converted to adult mobs when the mob limiter runs so it doesn't break any breeding/harvesting machines.
Update: To help decrease lag, I've added an alternative to redstone clocks. If you're using clocks on your island, please switch to this new system. Place a sign on a block. On the second line, write "[MC1421]". On the third line write the time you want the clock to run for in seconds*10. 1 second = 10, 4 seconds = 40, 10 seconds = 100, etc. Place a lever on the back. The lever will turn on/off for however long you specified on the third line. You can place a lever in front of the sign to toggle the clock on/off. There's an example in Skyblock at "/warp clock". Here's a picture:

I've also limited auto-placers and auto-miners to 10 each per-island. Some players have created massive inefficient farms and it's getting to the point where the server's barely running. You may have to remove extras if you want a specific 10 to operate, otherwise it can be pretty random.
Due to certain islands containing far too many mobs, mobs will be removed if they lag the server. To make up for this, I've added the ability to craft spawn eggs. You can find the recipes here:

I recommend only spawning the mobs when you need them and keeping any extras you craft in a chest.

As soon as I get the chance, I'll write a plugin with a smarter mob limiter. The main goal of the plugin will be to allow a certain number of each mob on your island, including each color of sheep, and remove any extras automatically.
[Daimyo] Fournati Please fix this bug that when you place the eggs they're not spawning, as of i have lost plenty of villager eggs.
[Nuke] Zzyzzyzzx does this also affect hostiles? will darkroom spawners stop working?
  • I've fixed the problem with permissions errors that weren't solved with a re-log.
  • I've fixed voting rewards not being sent.
  • I've fixed /ticket not working.
  • Donators should receive the money for their rank when they login.

If you're getting permission errors, re-logging should fix the problem.

Note: I'll start working on Towny today now that I've finished Skyblock. One thing at a time. =)

Skyblock is back up! Take note that there may still be some bugs that haven't been discovered.  A lot of data was lost during the hard drive failure, so when you login the server will try to automatically fix your island region. If you get an error saying it can't find your bedrock block, please let a mod know immediately. Your island will be unprotected if the server fails to fix it, but a mod can fix it manually for you in that case.

To make up for lost items/money/exp in Skyblock, you have access to the kit "/sorry". There's a few new messages this time around. =)

I've restored MCMMO levels from a previous backup, so you may have lost a few levels but not all of them.

Now on to the big part of the update:
I've re-written much of the custom blocks' code. I've added some new stuff and some awesome functionality, but it's still only been lightly-tested, so keep in mind that there may be bugs. Been coding for 14 hours straight, lol.

AutoMiners: Now also replace AutoFellers. Break speed now works with different tiers of tools, such as wood, iron, gold, etc. Efficiency enchantments increase the speed. Durability enchantments increase the life of the tool. Fun new tree cutting animation. Now plays sound and particle effects when breaking blocks.
AutoPlacers: Now also replace AutoPlanters. Plays sound effects when placing. Still works with sieves, but much smarter.
AutoFishers: Should be much smarter now; shouldn't randomly stop working.
Uncompactors: Uncompacted items should be sell-able in the shop now.
Hammers: Can now be made in stone, iron, gold, and diamond.
Sieves: Much faster and smarter.
Texture packs: Genin+ players have access to the "/texturepack" command. I've improved the code so it will only switch your texture pack if the region you're entering has a different pack from the one you currently have enabled. You'll have to re-set your texture pack, however, since that was lost, too.

Another note: You'll have to re-do the /killmobs, /itempickup, and /itemdrop commands if you used them before. I changed how the data is stored to make it faster.

I also converted a lot of temporary data into metadata for smarter storage. Some data has also been converted into separate player files. This should improve server restart speeds and data access.

If you lost your physical island when the hard drive failed from trying the /is commands, there's no getting it back.

If I remember any more changes I made, I'll update this post. =)
[Shogun] TinkerNitely Thank you for all your work Panda, you have a awesome server and I enjoy playing in it and the friends I've made. Lookin ...
[Daimyo] Fournati "You don't have permission to enter/open this in this area" This is very annoying at mine and theodoros_1234 a ...
KyaLove I think Panda is doing everything they can to fix all the problems. You can only do so much at a time. ...
Somehow our server IP was forwarded to another server, MLXCraft. This has happened to other server owners, all being forwarded to the same server. We're working on figuring out why, but my guess is we're all hosted by the same company and the company somehow messed up IP configurations.

Rest assured, PandaCraft still exists and nothing has changed, it's simply taking you to another server when you try to connect.
nguyen_97 In towny, i had my enchanted diamond set with gaps, but its gone to diamonds, fire, coal? can someone help?
joshkramer Servers up and is skyblock still down
[Genin] killbill3434 mine just says theirs no server to connect to
Due to a hardware failure, Skyblock is currently under maintenance.

Edit: Skyblock is down while under maintenance. If you were on Skyblock before it went down, you will NOT be able to connect to the server right now. This is beyond my control. I will remove any posts or comments complaining about not being able to connect. Continued attempts to post said comments will result in a BAN. Continuously moderating the website to remove spam is only slowing down my progress with working on Skyblock.

Edit 2: I've gotten a lot of work done, just need to thoroughly test some of the fixes. Some data WILL be lost, though I can't say how much or who it will affect. It's 2 AM here now and I'm falling asleep writing code, which is probably not a good thing, lol. I'll pick up first thing tomorrow.

Edit 3: Mostly done, just fixing up a few small bugs.

Edit 4: Staff are thoroughly testing the Skyblock server right now to make sure all issues are fixed. If nothing major is broken, I'll open the server tonight. =)

theodoros_1234 I miss skyblock
theodoros_1234 Oh no! Panda, I think you clicked something while sleeping on your laptop jk
[VIP] xXBakerCatXx LOL so funny!!!
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