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Account unsynced - Une one of the following options to sync your site account with your TS3 account:
Option 1 - Click Connect
Connect to Server
Option 2 - Use Privilege Key
If you already have an account on the TS3 server then connect & input this key in Permissions > Use Privilege Key.
First off, congrats to Bryanics for winning the NoScope glasses!
Also, congrats to Lizzardtoad and GlamOwlCrazy for their promotion to Moderator!

Now, many of you have noticed issues with banning and unbanning. When we updated to 1.7.9, user files were converted to the new UUID system. The plugins that handle user bans, however, don't understand UUIDs. At the moment, bans are stored in a database with the player's username. Sometimes, unfortunately, the plugin can't make a connection to the database quickly enough and the ban gets stored internally. This is where the problem lies. When the plugin then attempts to unban the user after their ban has expired, it can't remove them from the internal database because the information is stored in the UUID format and the plugin doesn't know how to handle it. I'm working on updating some plugins to their most recent dev build to fix this issue. Dev builds can be highly unstable, so I'm testing it one bit at a time to make sure everything works properly. With any luck, bans will be working properly again in the next couple of days.

On to the updates! These updates apply to Skyblock: Because of how much the auction system spams the chat, I've decided to move it to an "auction house", or, more specifically, a platform. You can get there by either typing "/warp auction" or clicking the hologram at spawn. Once on the platform, you can auction your items and anyone else on the platform can bid on them. You can't leave the platform while you're auctioning something.

I've also added an incentive for users to be on the auction platform more often; Drop Parties. I've (painstakingly) coded a Drop Party system that allows players to place items into a chest. When the chest is full, the drop party will start. When it starts, blocks of wool in different colors will appear all around the platform. These wool blocks contain the items that were in the chest. If there was a stack of items, it gets split up into smaller stacks to distribute the items more fairly. To get the item, just left or right click the wool. I think you'll be pleased with the effects. =P

You should also notice a bit more stability with the auto-tools; namely, they shouldn't just stop working out of the blue now. I've also modified the sieve to be a bit less messy when it drops the items.

Lastly, I have a new giveaway going that ends 07/26/14. This giveaway is for a MLG GameBattles Premium access code good for one month.

[CMod] MrHollick
MrHollick @ Prison
Sound like some great updates! One tip for people so they don't have to worry about not getting out of the ban list is ...
Mipronk sadly not for me as im not a us resident
[Chunin] jaffacraft1 I have a cobble gen without a clock but I live in the uk.... so I cant enter
First off, congratulations to June's Top Voter:


As always, the Top Voter will receive a $40 coupon for use in the Donation Shop, courtesy of LDNetwork!

I've also made a few updates to Skyblock:
The AFK timer has been increased from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. 2 minutes was just a bit too short. As always, there's no auto-AFK kick; the timer exists solely to alert other players that you may not respond. =)

I've added a "Crook" to Skyblock. As with the Crook in Ex Nihilo, it doubles your chances of getting saplings/apples when you use it to break leaves. It can also knock mobs back when you left-click them, dealing exactly 0 damage, and pull mobs towards you when you right-click them.

The "/fly" reward for voting 5 times each day for 5 consecutive days should now work properly. =)

Last, but certainly not least, I'd like to welcome our new plugin dev, "MCMedia"! =D

MCMedia's here to make plugins, not to moderate the server, so please keep that in mind. =)
Henkeboiii how i vote
[Shogun] TinkerNitely congrts Akina, ...
MCMedia x Thanks for the warm welcome;)
Hey! Quick update on some things I've added to Towny and Skyblock:

  • A new tablist and AFK system. The tablist (player list when you hit Tab), displays online staff members and online players. You can now see which staff members are online quickly and easily. =)
  • There's also color support. If a player is AFK, their name will be gray. This lets you know if a player or staff member may not respond.
  • Different donator ranks also have different colors in the tablist. =)
  • As for the AFK system, there isn't much of a noticeable difference. I mainly wrote the new system so it worked with the new tablist. The only major difference is that I've disabled the auto-AFK kick.

  • I've re-written the enchantment command for VIP+ donators. It now uses a special GUI menu. The prices per enchantment level are:
    • Nukenin: Free
    • Heichou: 400
    • Tokubetsu: 600
    • Shogun: 800
    • Daimyo: 1000
    • Jonin: 1200
    • Chunin: 1400
    • Genin: 1600
    • VIP: 1800
  • You can make some interesting enchantment combinations now =P
  • I've also re-written the road system. Building your road above "Pillar Quartz" blocks will cause you to walk faster on the road. The pillar quartz blocks have to be directly under the road.

  • There's now a tutorial platform to the right of the Info/Tips signs at spawn. You can find information and examples on the custom items I've added to Skyblock there. There's even a couple examples for efficient redstone clocks. =)
  • I've fixed some issues with Shogun+ kits not including some items.
  • I've fixed some issues with lag due to entity spawning. In turn, entity spawning has been slightly reduced and hostile mobs will be cleared every 5 minutes.
  • Slime spawning on podzol has been temporarily disabled while I come up with some better code for it. =P
  • I've added a punishment command for Mods. They can now turn you into a potato. As a potato, you won't be able to move. It's like a jail, except funner to watch. =P
[Shogun] Emmstar391 Panda and our old mod Queen Sofia , in BETA they tested it on me lol ...
[Mod] GlamOwlCrazy lol im not goin to burst you bubble cfazzam.
EnderRuairi More fun*. Since when can't you spell?

This may be one of the most powerful updates I've added to Skyblock so far. The Automation Update introduces tools to let you automate some basic functions on your island! I've added:
  • Auto-Miner
  • Auto-Placer
  • Auto-Planter
  • Auto-Feller
  • Auto-Fisher
  • Auto-Compactor
  • Auto-Uncompactor
You can find more information on these tools by clicking here.

EnderRuairi I just realized something! The iron blocks in the auto miner let you fix the pickaxe!
[VIP] Winterishlemur0 Thanks for adding these Panda they are really useful
[Chunin] jaffacraft1 Thx ive got a idea in mind for a compound made of Red and black stained clay and featuring 10 layers (I think) :-)
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