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24 May 2016, 22:16 1 | 43

Adventure is here!

You can access Adventure by:

  • Clicking the hologram at Skyblock's spawn.
  • Using '/adventure'.
  • Connecting to ""

Please do not claim any other players' builds for the first 7 days. On May 29th, if there are builds left unclaimed you are free to claim them.

The following things have been changed or added:

  • Towny has been replaced with GriefPrevention.
  • New monsters that use magic will spawn.
  • You can access your old town spawn with "/town spawn".
  • You can withdraw money from your old town bank with "/town withdraw"
  • You can withdraw money from your old nation bank with "/nation withdraw"
  • To claim land, just place down a chest and you'll get a link with more information.
  • Adventure has new ranks ranging from Initiate to Sage. Click Here for the rank benefits chart.
  • You can purchase the new ranks by Clicking Here.

More features are planned but I wanted to get the server up for everyone to play on. =)

Comment here or in the forums if you find any bugs or have any problems with the Adventure server.

21 May 2016, 17:35 1 | 84