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Skyblock Lag

[Owner] BlackBeltPanda a posted Fri at 22:41
Some updates on the Skyblock lag.

LDeman and I believe we've traced the source of the lag to a hardware problem. The server is now running a new CPU and the lag appears to be gone. If you were experiencing lag in Skyblock previously, please try connecting now. Let me know in the comments if you're still getting timed-out or the server seems unresponsive.

Also, many players were experiencing considerable FPS lag at Spawn. We believe the issue is related to glass panes and have replaced them with glass blocks. We noticed an immediate improvement. Please let me know if you're still experiencing FPS lag in Spawn. =)
Sonic13Boom Hey, this hasn't got anything to do with lag, but i want to reset my challenges, how do i do that?? thanks (ign sonic13b ...
xXBakerCatXx im still having a tiny tiny tiny bit of lag
Cheese_Commander That's great! Now we don't have to experience lag!
Many of you have probably noticed the severe lag in Skyblock lately. I've been working on tracking down the source of the lag, as it wasn't apparent in any way. There were no errors and nothing suspicious in the server timings. Eventually, I ended up disabling plugins one at a time until I noticed a difference. In doing so, I believe I've found the cause of the lag and have removed it. For now, I've also disabled some other features that need to be worked on, such as teleporting effects, the drop party chest, and some minor things you probably won't notice missing.

Also, to clarify on the EULA/donating issue: I have a lot of things done to make the server EULA-compliant. There's very little left that needs to be changed. However, I'm not going to apply the changes right away. Mojang seems to have no interest in enforcing the EULA any more than they have in the past. This means that leaving the donation system as it is now essentially doesn't change anything. If we receive notice from Mojang that we need to change our donation system or if I personally feel it needs to be changed, then I will apply the changes. At that point, many donator benefits will be obtainable through two methods: Playtime and voting. This ensures that previous donators keep their benefits. However, future donators will not be able to donate for the same benefits, but instead will receive cosmetic benefits, such as pets, disguises, hats, particles effects, sound effects, etc. Certain things will be available to purchase in the donation shop, such as experience boosts, potion effects, money boosts, etc. that will affect the entire server when one player purchases the item. For now, however, nothing will change.

In other news, it seems the developer of the Skyblock plugin we use, "Ultimate Skyblock", has removed the plugin from its dev page. This means there will be no more updates or bug fixes to the plugin unless the author decides to re-upload it. In the meantime, I am putting a lot of time and effort into creating a custom "PandaCraft Skyblock" plugin. The plugin will be much faster, have less bugs, more features, and be custom tailored to my needs. It is, however, a complicated plugin that will take some time.

Sadly, I have had a lot of things to do outside the realm of the computer lately. Being summer, there's been a lot of family events I'm expected to attend, local festivities, and randomly helping out family members with odd jobs. This has been eating up a lot of my time, so my time on the server and making YouTube videos has suffered from it. For YouTube, I've found recording simple let's plays, such as "Unturned", has been quick and easy, allowing me to upload more videos. On the server, however, I've only been able to fix minor bugs lately. If you're curious about my lack of presence lately, this is why. I'll continue to work as much as I can when I can, so no worries. =)

Lastly, I have plans to add some physical objects to the donation shop soon. These will be things you can buy and receive in the mail, such as PandaCraft merchandise, affiliate products like the NoScope glasses, and something "secret" that I'm working on this week. =P

That's all for now, thanks for reading! =D
[CMod] MrHollick Oh wow "secret" items i can't wait!!!
calebsiffring I'm still seeing Lag on the Skyblock Server, Is the problem on my end? Just wanted to clarify to make sure that there wa ...
[Daimyo] Afaltoxin
Afaltoxin @ Towny
No worries buddy! Real life always has to come first! Hoping to get shogun soon:) one item you could add to shop is a ...
[CMod] MrHollick Great video as always! I love the random comment picker now i gotta have a contest for my three subscribers!
First off:
Congratulations to Pikachu_Trainer for being July's Top Voter and earning a $40 Coupon Code to the Donation Shop! =D

New giveaway!

Quick update for Skyblock:
For those of you who lost your inventory from the glitch the other day, you should be able to use the command "/sorry" to receive some free items and money as compensation. Oh, and free stories. =P

First off, congrats to Bryanics for winning the NoScope glasses!
Also, congrats to Lizzardtoad and GlamOwlCrazy for their promotion to Moderator!

Now, many of you have noticed issues with banning and unbanning. When we updated to 1.7.9, user files were converted to the new UUID system. The plugins that handle user bans, however, don't understand UUIDs. At the moment, bans are stored in a database with the player's username. Sometimes, unfortunately, the plugin can't make a connection to the database quickly enough and the ban gets stored internally. This is where the problem lies. When the plugin then attempts to unban the user after their ban has expired, it can't remove them from the internal database because the information is stored in the UUID format and the plugin doesn't know how to handle it. I'm working on updating some plugins to their most recent dev build to fix this issue. Dev builds can be highly unstable, so I'm testing it one bit at a time to make sure everything works properly. With any luck, bans will be working properly again in the next couple of days.

On to the updates! These updates apply to Skyblock: Because of how much the auction system spams the chat, I've decided to move it to an "auction house", or, more specifically, a platform. You can get there by either typing "/warp auction" or clicking the hologram at spawn. Once on the platform, you can auction your items and anyone else on the platform can bid on them. You can't leave the platform while you're auctioning something.

I've also added an incentive for users to be on the auction platform more often; Drop Parties. I've (painstakingly) coded a Drop Party system that allows players to place items into a chest. When the chest is full, the drop party will start. When it starts, blocks of wool in different colors will appear all around the platform. These wool blocks contain the items that were in the chest. If there was a stack of items, it gets split up into smaller stacks to distribute the items more fairly. To get the item, just left or right click the wool. I think you'll be pleased with the effects. =P

You should also notice a bit more stability with the auto-tools; namely, they shouldn't just stop working out of the blue now. I've also modified the sieve to be a bit less messy when it drops the items.

Lastly, I have a new giveaway going that ends 07/26/14. This giveaway is for a MLG GameBattles Premium access code good for one month.

[CMod] MrHollick Sound like some great updates! One tip for people so they don't have to worry about not getting out of the ban list is ...
Add premium days by pre-paying or completing an offer!
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