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IGN: BlackBeltPanda
By BlackBeltPanda » about 1 year ago

The Christmas Sale is here! Enjoy 50% off all of the following until January 1st!

In addition there have been several updates to the server since the last announcement, including:

  • 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11 clients can now connect to PandaCraft.
  • Spawn has been completely redesigned and now has a new VoteMine, more LeaderBoards, and more examples at "/warp ex".
  • Sieves have been redesigned and now have a crafting recipe. (/recipe sieve)
  • AFK Command remove.
  • Skyblock XP-Store block changed from Bedrock to Emerald Block.
  • Island Schematics no longer contain Bedrock.
  • New Island Schematics. Also added the Build Contest winners' islands.
  • Island handicaps so each island starts with 0 levels.
  • Faster island restarts and creations.
  • Smart automatic lag reduction.
  • Advent Calendar at Skyblock Spawn. Right-click it once per day to receive a reward!
  • Lots of website improvements. Still working on the website design.
  • Lots of bug fixes and things I've forgotten.