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By BlackBeltPanda » 11 months ago
St. Patrick's Day Sale
The St. Patrick's Day sale is here! Enjoy 50% off ALL Skyblock ranks, as well as NEW St. Patrick's items and more! Sale ends March 18th! On sale are:‚Äč Since the last announcement, the following updates have been made to the server:
  • Added a Cargo Network system that will, hopefully, replace our current pipe system.
  • Added new Fishing mechanic that lets you catch different types, sizes, and rarities of fish.
  • Added a Fishing Contest that occurs automatically every 6 hours as long as there are at least 5 players online.
  • Added a new Cosmetics Case. The only way to get a key for this case is to take 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in a Fishing Contest.
  • Overhauled the chat filter to catch swearing more accurately. Please report false-positives to staff, in the forums, or on Discord.
  • Fixed island restarts leaving behind any furniture or floating text.
  • Machines (Miners, Placers, etc.) can no longer be toggled off. I'll work on re-adding this functionality in the near future.
  • Fixed Crafters not crafting recipes that contain air, like pickaxes, armor, etc.
  • LOTS of bug fixes!
Things I'm working on now:
  • Better Player Shop system.
  • Economy overhaul.
  • More custom items, like Wooden Barrels and Crucibles, for a SkyFactory-like gameplay.
  • Better system for Crafters so you can specify the recipe.
  • More challenges.
  • Prison.
  • Lots more!