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IGN: BlackBeltPanda
By BlackBeltPanda » 8 months ago
While wearing one of these complete sets, you'll get some awesome particle effects and the ability to use "/fly"!
Both sets are made of colored Leather armor but they're as tough as Diamond armor and will never break.
All of the set pieces are also Soulbound, meaning you'll keep them even if you die.
Shadow Set
  • Shadow Helmet: Double-Sneak and hold to completely vanish from other players, including your armor
  • Shadow Tunic: Fire Resistance
  • Shadow Greaves: Double-Jump by pressing Sneak mid-air
  • Shadow Boots: Speed Boost
  • Shadow Kama: Dual Wieldable. 45% chance to heal 2 hearts when attacking while dual wielding them. As strong and as fast as a Diamond Sword.

Light Set
  • Light Helmet: Night Vision
  • Light Tunic: Double-Sneak to Teleport Where You're Looking
  • Light Greaves: No Fall Damage
  • Light Boots: Jump Boost
  • Light Hammer: Right-Click in your main hand to create shock waves dealing damage to enemies in front of you. Left-Click in your off hand to throw the hammer; it'll return every time! As strong and as fast as a Diamond Sword.

All of the individual armor pieces will function on their own, but you'll only get "/fly" and the awesome particles while wearing the full set.

So how do you get these sets?
You can create them by converting the armor from the Cases! =D

For the Light Set you will need:
  • Miner's Helmet - Costume Case
  • Ender Chestplate - Talismans Case
  • Braced Leggings - Backpack Case
  • Boots of Leaping - PandaCraft Collection Case
  • Seismic Axe - Gadgets Case

For the Shadow Set you will need:
  • Ninja Hood - Costume Case
  • Magma Chestplate - Talismans Case
  • Boosted Leggings - Backpack Case
  • Boots of Running - PandaCraft Collection Case
  • Blade of Vampires - Gadgets Case

Once you're wearing all the pieces for the Set you want to create, simply right-click with that Set's weapon.
The Shadow Set requires an empty off-hand.
Converted armor will display the creator's username in the lore.