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By MMKGamer » 6 months ago
     So the voting system is amazing, the way the more days in a row you vote, the better rewards you get. It motivates players to join back on, to keep their streak going. But one thing I noticed, is quite interesting.

     When new players vote for the very first time, they get unlock access to be able to craft a swing. A Swing.... I mean if you joined Pandacraft right now, starting from scratch, would you want your first reward for helping out the server, to be an aesthetic block, that, no-one seems to even use. (I asked around on the server) If I got that as my first reward, I likely wouldn't be motivated to vote again, as I might think "Oh, I'll just get another furniture block". In the eyes of BlackBeltPanda(Hopefully you read this) I would think that he would want players to vote, so the server is higher on lists, and it is probably cool to know that people vote for your server to be the best on lists.

      For people wondering what it looks like, this is what is says.

                                     (PlayerName) just voted and received the reward, Swingin,
                                     containing The ability to craft and place Swings. /furniture recipe swing

      Just an idea,