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By BlackBeltPanda » 7 months ago

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Since the last announcement, the following updates have been made to the server:
  • Server has been updated to 1.12. Any client version from 1.9 - 1.12 should be able to connect.
  • Upgraded the server hardware with a faster CPU, twice the RAM, and twice the SSD space.
  • When the server you're on restarts, you'll be teleported to the Hub server instead of disconnected.
  • The holograms in the Hub server will display when a server is restarting so you know when you can reconnect.
  • You can now harvest crops in Towny by simply right-clicking them.
  • You can now safely trade with other players in Towny with the command, "/trade (Player)".
  • Towny World Borders are now visible.
  • Spawners in Towny can only be mined if they were purchased from the store.
  • Added a new disguise system to Towny that utilizes a menu instead of commands.
  • Added more disguises to each rank in Towny.
  • Added the ability to register on the website in-game with "/register".
  • Added more benefits to the YouTube rank.
  • Added a 10% chance for mobs and players to drop their head in Towny when killed by a player.
  • Increased Monster spawn rates in Towny.
  • Trees in Towny will have gravity once you starting chopping it, which speeds up the process of cutting down trees and helps prevent floating tree tops. You can toggle this on/off for yourself with, "/treesfall".
  • Towny plugin updates:
    • Town mayors can use "/town say (Message)" to broadcast a message to all online players in their town.
    • Nation Kings can use "/nation say (Message)" to broadcast a message to all online players in their nation.
    • Town mayors can outlaw a player from their town with "/town outlaw (add|remove) (Player)". This will kick the player from the town if they're a member and prevent them from rejoining the town if your town is open to public joining.
    • You can use "/town outlawlist [town]" to view the town's list of outlaws.
    • You can use "/town war participants [page #]" to view a list of towns and their nations who are participating in War. The list will highlight enemies, allies, and capital towns.
    • You can use "/res set mode ignoreplots" to not see plot notifications when moving across plots in town.
    • You can use "/res set mode constantplotborder" or "/res toggle constantplotborder" to see plot borders every 5 seconds.
  • Fixed using McMMO in the VoteMine.
  • Fixed being unable to create a town, claim land, or claim plots during War in Towny if your Town or Nation is neutral.
  • Fixed ranks on the website not syncing with your rank on the server.
  • Fixed Parrot spawn rates in Towny Jungles.
  • Fixed Nether and End worlds not resetting every other week in Towny.
  • Disabled land reverting to it's original terrain when unclaiming it or deleting a town in Towny.
  • Disabled being unable to build or break in the Wilderness in Towny. As such, I removed the Mining world in Towny.
  • Disabled the vanilla Recipe Book auto-crafting feature due to duplication exploits. I'll re-enable it when the exploit is patched.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
Things I'm working on now: