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IGN: BlackBeltPanda
By BlackBeltPanda » 6 months ago

Plots is finally here! The Plots server gives you a place to build freely in creative mode in your own 50x50 plot! It has many features like decorative heads (/ehc), "secret blocks" (/blocks), driveable-anywhere minecarts, WorldEdit, and much more! To see everything you can do and use, including information to get started and command lists, check out the Plots Forum.

To celebrate the grand opening of Plots, PandaCraft is having a 50% off sale on EVERYTHING in the store! Except Sponsor. Once again, blame BuyCraft for that one. =P
New in the store are extra plots you can purchase for the Plots server. They'll increase your claim limit so you can go out and claim more plots so you have even more space to build! =)
Sale ends September 17th, so act quick!

The Build Competition is over the winners have been announced!

As part of the launch festivities, we're also hosting a Build Competition on the Plots server! Top three builds will win prizes, so be sure to give it a shot! Competition details:

Theme: Modern Build
  •   Must fit the theme of "Modern Build". Click here for examples.
  •   Must be within a single 50x50 plot. You can unlink merged plots with "/plot unlink".
  •   Both the interior(s) and exterior of the build should be decorated. I.e. - Furniture, plants, decorations, etc.. "/ehc", "/banner", and "/blocks" should be helpful, here.
  •   The plot may contain multiple buildings, but they should all be part of the same overall build. For example, a shed next to a house, multiple houses/stores/etc. on one block, a store next to a house, etc.
  •   Do NOT copy another build, including those from tutorials. Your build must be unique and original to you.
  •   Do not include other builds on the plot that you don't want judged as part of the build.
  •   Plots will be judged based on overall appearance by myself, Kissi, and any staff that volunteer to judge.
  •   The top three builds will be weighted based on preference by each judge and then I'll average all of them to determine the first, second, and third place winners.
  •   1st Place - Gold Title (/tags), your build featured in one of the Spawn Plots with your username somewhere on it, and a $30 PandaCraft Store coupon.
  •   2nd Place - Silver Title (/tags) and a $20 PandaCraft Store coupon.
  •   3rd Place - Bronze Title (/tags) and a $10 PandaCraft Store coupon.
Entering: From now until September 17th, you can build and enter into the competition. Once you've completed your build, reply to this post with your plot ID (/plot info) and you'll be entered into the competition. Judging occurs on September 18th and the winner will be announced the next day, September 19th!

Since the last announcement, the following have been added/changed/fixed:
  • Improved Crafters in Skyblock so they'll try each recipe for an item if one fails. This allows you, for example, to give a Crafter either Iron Blocks or Iron Nuggets to craft Iron Ingots. This also means you can properly craft bonemeal, now.
  • Fixed the website's "Store" link so it properly redirects to the store's page.
  • Balanced monster spawning in Towny. You should see more monster spawns than it used to have.
  • Blocked Gold and Aqua colors from being used in chat. They'll automatically convert to yellow and blue, instead. This helps prevent confusion with Staff's chat colors.
  • Added the ability to connect with 1.12.1.
  • Possibly fixed a connection issue to "" that gave some players an "Unknown Host" error.
  • Added IP verification to the store. Now when you login to the store, it'll make sure your IP matches the last one you used in-game. If it doesn't, it'll give you an error letting you know to login to the server to update your IP and then to try again. This should help cut down on cases where malicious players purchase items under another player's name, chargeback, and then get that other player banned.
  • Also introduced playtime-based package unlocking to the store. Most packages are disabled for players with less than 2 hours of playtime. At 8 hours of playtime, every package is unlocked. Various packages unlock in-between. This should, hopefully, cut down on cases where players will purchase expensive items shortly after joining the server only to chargeback.
  • Updated the store to only display ranks higher than what you already have.
  • Updated all ranks and tags in Skyblock to the format present in Towny. Your existing ranks have been merged to the closest rank, rounding up.
  • Updated disguises in Skyblock to the format present in Towny. This means a disguise menu and more disguises per rank.
  • Ranks purchased will now apply to every server on the PandaCraft Network. Players' existing ranks have been synced across all servers.
  • Cleaned up the Skyblock permissions database, removing duplicate rank entries, unused permissions, empty player entries, and utilized regex permissions where possible to reduce file size. This reduced the permissions database to about 33% of it's original size and should help improve performance.
  • Old Rank Armor in Skyblock should update to the new names when you equip it. For already-equipped armor, just remove it and re-equip it to use it.
  • Old Rank Tools and Weapons in Skyblock should also update to the new names when you use them on something.
  • Updated the Furniture permissions to utilize a new format that lets me add furniture to existing packs for players who have already bought them. This means if you bought, for example, the Office Pack and I later add a Coffee Machine to it, you'll automatically get permission to craft and place that Coffee Machine.

What's on my to-do list? Join the PandaCraft Discord Server and you can see my list in the #to-do channel.


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IGN: UnlinkedMedal0
By UnlinkedMedal0 » 6 months ago
My Plot is -4; -4 Hope I atleast get 3rd place laugh


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IGN: FlameIsTired
By FlameIsTired » 6 months ago
Dis things plot is -2;-5 actually on the ground like a normal build this time.


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IGN: _FallenTurtle_
By _FallenTurtle_ » 6 months ago
My plot is -5;4 Hope you enjoy =)

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IGN: _Derpo_
By _Derpo_ » 6 months ago
My Plot is -6;4 

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IGN: RenaRealm
By RenaRealm » 6 months ago
My Plot is 1;-2
I tried >.

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IGN: memety
By memety » 6 months ago
My plot id is 1;6 and im Memety


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IGN: mipronk
By mipronk » 6 months ago
Hello back from far far far far far heck i have no idee i just back from being gone a long time Mipronk the name and me ploting id is 2;6


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IGN: heartofaza
By heartofaza » 5 months ago
3;3 is my plot

This build was fraught
With too much thought
This is what a caffeine deprived brain begot
Thru eyes that are bloodshot
Courtesy of Aza, the distraught crackpot

Horde it all. Then see a need and fill it :)


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IGN: Bookmaster_VP
By Bookmaster_VP » 5 months ago
My plot is -7:0

Good luck!