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Players Online

Back to School Sale and TONS of updates!


Back to School Sale is live! The Back to School Tag pack and Back to School Kit have returned for a limited time. They'll be available until September 30th! This sale ends September 16th; until then, enjoy 50% off ALL ranks, the School Furniture pack, Back to School Kit, and Back to School Tag pack! Also on sale are the 15 mcMMO Credits, 4 Plots Server Plots, Alpha Key Ring, and Omega Key Ring!

Since the last news announcement, the following updates have been made:

Skyblock Updates:

  • Added Pipes
  • Added Fresnel Lens
  • Added Silkworms
  • Added Rocks
  • Added Barrels
  • Added Clay Buckets
  • Added 1.13 rewards to island challenges
  • Removed Sorter Hoppers
  • Removed the Slimefun plugin
  • Removed Elevators, Bridges, and Gates
  • Removed Paint and Paint Scrapers
  • Improved appearance of Sieves
  • Improved automatic Crafters
  • Improved Miners cutting down trees
  • Improved the auto-help chat system
  • Improved the camera system
  • Fixed stacking Builders' Wands and being able to use them in Spectator mode
  • Several fixes to Crooks
  • Nether Biomes on islands can spawn Wither Skeletons in dark areas, now

Towny Updates:

  • Added Pipes
  • Added Nation Zones; areas surrounding Nation Capitols that act like the Wilderness for members of that Nation
  • Removed Towny GUI
  • Removed right-click to harvest crops
  • Nations can now have spawn points set
  • Outposts are now limited based on the size of the Town or Nation
  • You can now teleport to outposts using their names
  • Nations can now set board messages

Network-wide Updates:

  • Updated to 1.13.2. Any client from 1.13.2 to 1.14.4 can connect.
  • Added new spawn to the Hub server
  • Added "/condense" command to Baron rank
  • Added measuring with sticks
  • Added Shulker Box Backpacks
  • Removed MarriageMaster plugin
  • Removed mcMMO Boosters and Schematics
  • Improved how the Light Hammer works
  • Improved how the Golden Lasso works
  • Improved "/enchant", "/disenchant", and "/fix"
  • Improved Spawner GUI
  • Simplified the teleport system
  • Tons of changes to mcMMO
  • Relaxed some of the rules that didn't need to be so strict.
  • "/msg" can now tab-complete nicknames
  • Improved the client-server connection to reduce random disconnects
  • Added more blocks to the Excavator, Pickaxe^3, and Scythe
  • LOTS of optimizations and miscellaneous bug fixes

Website and Discord Updates:

  • Added Hard Mode Guide for Skyblock to the forums
  • Added DiscordSrv to connect in-game chat with the Discord channels
  • Removed outdated Voting sites
  • Improved audio quality in Discord voice channels
  • Fixed player count queries
  • You can now link your in-game account with your Discord account by running "/discord link" in-game.