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Apr 2, 2020
I want to be a part of this build team because I love to build in Minecraft and I want to help this community any way I can (sadly can't donate but i want to). Any excuse to play Minecraft and build amazing projects is a win for me.

I have never officially been on a build team but I can't imagine it being that much different than building solo which I would say I have plenty of experience in.

I have never used world edit myself but i have seen others use it and know a little bit about it so maybe a 2 out of 10 (still subjective because thinks might have changed with world edit).

Some of my personal builds:
(All of these were using a Resource Pack)

2020-02-04_20.31.56.png 2020-02-08_15.36.15.png 2020-02-08_15.36.32.png 2020-02-08_15.36.51.png 2020-02-08_15.37.06.png 2020-02-08_15.39.05.png