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Jobs Tier List

Along with the help of a fellow staff member, Spudiffer, we toured all 12 of the jobs on towny to figure out which ones were the best. The ratings are based on how easy it is to earn money, how fast it can be leveled, the amount of money you can make with it, and the cost on your part to complete the task. (Equipment, profit in items, & items used.) The tiers work with A being the highest and most recommended, while F is the least recommended. Two main things to note about the jobs: you can be in a maximum of 3 jobs at once, and the more players in a job the less money/exp you make.

• A Tier -

Miner - "Earns money mining ores and minerals."

- Can earn more money than most of the other jobs fairly easily.
- The profit on mining is larger than what you spend. (Iron pickaxe spent, earned more than 3 iron ore.)
Fast leveling, even faster when using a haste II beacon or an efficiency 5 pickaxe.
- Mcmmo's mining skill can be leveled, which can help earn more ores/gems.

- There is a risk of death from mobs in a cave or lava depending on your Y level.
- Can chew through a pickaxe unless you have /fix, which still costs some of your money unless you have the Emperor rank.
- Unless you throw some away or don't pick it up, you may have tons of storage just for cobblestone.

Tip: Clear out a tunnel or a large area at Y 11 to earn plenty of minerals, along with a decent amount of money.

Digger - "Earns money for terraforming the world."

- Can earn more money than most of the jobs, plus you get to destroy everything.
- Digger is one of if not the fastest jobs to level with near minimal effort.
Mcmmo's excavation skill can earn diamonds for breaking dirt, which can be a large profit for a single diamond shovel.
- An efficiency V diamond shovel can instantly mine the blocks required to make money.
- If you obtain an excavator from another player or the crates at spawn, leveling can be even faster along with earning money.

- The surrounding area will become a bit messy in order to earn a lot of money.
- Mobs can easily attack you while working.
- Efficiency V shovels can be broken very quickly when clearing areas.

Tip: Use an excavator on a gravel mountain, gravel earns the most in the digger job and the excavator mines a 3x3 area, making it fast money with the addition of diamonds.

• B Tier -

Hunter - "Earns money killing animals and monsters."

- Can provide a decent amount of food along with money.
- One of the highest paying jobs out of the twelve available.
- Decent leveling speed, higher than average.

- High risk of dying due to part of the job requiring you to hunt mobs.
- Profit greatly depends on mob spawns in the area, some areas will be filled while others are scarce of all life.

Tip: Light nearby caves and make a monster spawner then kill the mobs inside, depending on the efficiency you may be able to make large sums of money.

Explorer - "Earns money from exploring the map."

- Easy to perform by simply sprinting around.
- Money is earned faster than the other jobs.
- Doesn't require much effort to earn money.

- Can require a lot of food when trying to make larger amounts of money.
- Risk of death from mobs while adventuring.
- No real benefit other than being able to explore.

Tip: Use a pair of frost walker II boots and run across the ocean for minimal risk of mobs.

• C Tier -

Woodcutter - "Earns money felling and planting trees."

- Earns a decent amount of wood that could be used for crafting and building
- Can earn a large amount of apples for food.

- Earns a smaller amount of money.
- Leveling the job takes much longer compared to other jobs.
- In order to make any significant amount of money it requires a large amount of tree cutting.

Tip: Large spruce and jungle trees will reduce the amount of planting while increasing the amount of time cutting.

Builder - "Earns money for building structures."

- No real risk for building, especially in a town area with mobs toggled off.
- Average leveling speed.
- Great for someone who builds a lot and wants to earn a bit more.

- Can be costly on resources if you're doing it only for money.
- Lower amount of money produced compared to other jobs.

Tip: Use alongside crafter in order to get a slight boost in money with building.

Fisherman - "Earns money from fishing."

- Has a chance to bring in enchanted items.
- Can serve as a nice food source.
- No real risk if inside a claimed area with mobs off.

- Takes time for the fish to show up.
- Slower leveling because the fish take time.

Tip: Sell the fish you earn to the fish merchant at /spawn in order to earn more money.

Farmer - "Earns money farming crops."

- Can earn money for making your own food.
- One of the fastest jobs to level.
- Higher pay depends on farm size.

- In order to level fast and make higher pay you need a large farm.
- Takes a lot of time to break/replant in a large farm.
- Burden on storage after a while.


• D Tier -

Crafter - "Earns money from crafting items."

- Can be used if you want some quick money.
- Able to be used alongside a job such as builder in order to earn slightly more while working.

- Slower leveling speed.
- Costly on resources, especially when trying to make money using it.
- Shift clicking item stacks only counts as one craft, in order to earn all of it you need to do one item set crafted at a time.

Tip: Crafting cobblestone stairs can earn a decent amount if you have excess cobblestone.

Weaponsmith - "Earns money from crafting and repairing weapons."

- Can be leveled just by smelting iron, gold, and diamond ore.

- Wont be used in large amounts other than smelting which earns a small amount.
- Slow leveling.
- Low pay for a higher cost.

Tip: Could be used alongside miner to earn more from smelting.

• F Tier -

Enchanter - "Earns money enchanting weapons."

- Can be decent for enchanting large amounts of item, especially when going for max gear.

- Low pay with a high cost in armor/weapon materials, experience, and lapis.
- Slow leveling unless you have a large amount of items to enchant.
- Later in the game, requiring an enchantment table.

Tip: Don't use this job. Approved by both Flame and Spud.

Brewer - "Earns money brewing potions."

- Earns money for making potions, paying you for buffs.

- Lower pay and can be costly for the brewing ingredients.
- Takes time for each batch of potions to come through, also resulting it slower leveling.
- Later in the game, requiring a brewing stand and materials for potions.

Tip: Don't use this job. Approved by both Flame and Spud.
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