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Summer Sale and Transport Pipes!


The Summer Sale is here! From now until July 13th, enjoy 50% off all items in the PandaCraft store!*

In other news:

You've asked for it and now it's here!

Introducing Transport Pipes! This is a new feature in Towny that allows you to automate item transportation, sorting, crafting, and even voiding!
This is a bit of a test run; I will monitor the performance of this system over the course of a week to determine if it is capable of remaining a permanent feature of Towny. So, if you can, hop on and give them a try!
Transport Pipes use an optional resource pack to create the best experience. Be sure to accept the server's resource pack to enable it! If you'd rather not use it, you can toggle the non-resource pack version with "/tpipes settings".
For information on what pipes are available, how to craft them, and how to use them, visit this page: Transport-Pipes

Be sure to check out the sale here!

*Sponsor and Merch are excluded from the sale.